River Haven

River Haven is an exploration of a community living in a geodesic dome encampment and their journey to get back onto their feet. Against the backdrop of a society that shuns the homeless, this series and film shows a critically sympathetic portrait of the various character’s daily life and everyday activities living off grid as a community. The audience will see what it takes to adjust to using propane canisters for light at night, brushing their teeth out of the same spider infested laundry tub used to wash dishes, charge their phones off of generators during specific hours, using flashlights at night to find the outside bathrooms, and having required Monday community dome meetings. Over a period of two years the audience will see the success and failures of the characters as they make their way back into “normalcy”.

Roy, a 35-year old adventurous soul, traveled his way up the California coast to discover the domes; Jeff, 62-year-old live-in caretaker of River Haven, once was a big shot manager at Kmart; loves his job at River Haven almost as much as his monthly trips to Vegas; Vic, 55, and previous camera operator for CNN and Dateline, lost his dream career to a major back injury carrying heavy gear for too many years; Carol and Russ, husband and wife, wheeled their belongings into River Haven in a shopping cart and after two years are on their way to finding a real home.

River Haven is tucked behind a metal gate off Harbor Blvd. in Ventura California. The dome community’s back yard is an immense green golf course frequented daily by Ventura’s more wealthy. And just feet away from the encampment, hundreds of illegal homeless have taken over the river bottom and have created makeshift homes in the woods.

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